Frequently Asked Questions.

Why Choose Coaching?

Coaching empowers you to succeed by enabling your self-development, helping you to identify and use your natural talents and strengths, as well as the supports available to you. As a client, you identify your values and live according to them to create a purposeful life. You take responsibility for your actions and celebrate your own success. You move forward towards your goal, with the coach beside you, challenging and supporting you. Some clients are unsure what their goal is. Coaching can help you figure this out. It may be that you need to develop confidence, self-esteem, communication skills or tolerance. You may have a more concrete, specific goal in mind such as running a marathon or extending your house. We will start wherever you are now and move forward.

Why do I need a coach?

Co-active coaching can be applied to any goal. The coach does not need specific expertise in the goal the client pursues because the client is recognised as the expert in their own life and the creator of their own solutions. This premise, on which co-active coaching is based obviously provokes people to ask why they need coaching at all! The role of the coach is to ask the right questions of the client, to check that they are pursuing the right goal at the right time in the right way, to help the client examine the resources available to them and to use their strengths to achieve more.

Why Choose Wellness and Success?

My education and experience in the science and art of Medicine and General Practice has allowed me to step easily into the role of coach. I have always enjoyed listening to people and getting to the root of what brings out the best in them. Coaching allows me to spend more time on this while still promoting clients' health, wellness and success. My scientific background ensures that I keep checking the coaching process for evidence of progress. Effective coaches constantly test their client's plans and actions, ensuring that they are on the correct path and that they are moving forward. My personality and values are a good match for coaching. Friends and family describe me as an honest, loyal and warm person, with a good sense of humour, who stands for quality, hard work and fairness. They also note my availability as a non-judgmental listener and my ability to provide support, humour and logic to any situation. (Anonymised Feedback sought as an assignment during coach-training.) See qualifications and experience and testimonials.

How is coaching delivered?

Coaching is delivered over 4-6 sessions each lasting approximately 1 hour. Sessions are scheduled 10-14 days apart.

Where is Wellness and Success?

Wellness and Success is based near Kinsale, Co. Cork. I work with people in face-to-face sessions in the Kinsale, Bandon, Clonakilty and Cork city area. Online coaching can also be arranged e.g. using Skype.

How do I find out more or make an appointment?

You contact me via the contacts section and leave a message with your name and number. We will arrange a free initial consultation over the phone to answer any questions. You can then decide how you can benefit from coaching.

How much does coaching cost?

The initial phone consultation is free. Coaching sessions cost €80 per hour (limited introductory offer).

When are appointments available?

Appointments are available during weekday mornings or evenings and on Saturdays.