Coaching and Health

Working in General Practice for 10 years afforded me the privilege of sharing the highs and lows of patients' lives. I got to know people as they prepared for and welcomed new babies. I met young people preparing to set off to college or to travel the world. I saw people cope with the difficulties of mental and physical illness. I listened to recently bereaved people speak of their lost loved ones.

Life is challenging. Coaching is all about change, preparing for it, creating it, accepting it and getting the most from it. Alongside their usual healthcare, People can also benefit from coaching particularly in the following situations:

• Coping with illness or disability.

• Identifying, reaching and maintaining goals for a healthy lifestyle.

• Preparing for parenthood.

• Transition from school to college or work.

• Creating healthy boundaries in relationships (Home, friends and work).

• Overcoming mild depression or anxiety.

• Preparing for a fulfilling retirement.

• Creating a healthy work-life balance.

• Dealing with stress or feeling overwhelmed.

Coaching for Business

Within the world of business, companies are learning that investing in coaching can increase staff adaptability and productivity and customer satisfaction. Modern businesses need staff that can adapt to changes in company structure and in their own duties and work environment. This is achieved through the personal development that coaching brings about, with improved communication skills and teamwork, directly impacting on the productivity of the employees as individuals and as teams.

Using coaching to improve well-being will also increase productivity but, separately, can improve staff retention (more important now with the difficulty in finding talented staff), as employees appreciate the employers' investment in them. This means that there is increasing demand from the corporate world for coaches that can help their employees in their personal lives as well as professional.